Honda Unveiling PHEV At Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show begins tomorrow, bringing with it a lot of interesting vehicle reveals and general glitz. Interestingly, the show will apparently see a company not particularly well known for its interest in electric vehicles unveiling a plug-in hybrid — Honda, to be exact.

According to AutoNews, the new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) is expected to possess at least 3 times more all-electric range than the Honda Accord PHEV — which possesses around 13 miles of range per full charge. So, presumably, the new PHEV will possess around 40 miles of range per charge.


Also worth noting here, is that Honda reps stated that the new vehicle will possess the option for “extended EV-mode driving on highways.” The insides of the machine will reportedly feature a 130-kilowatt (kW) motor, and a larger battery pack than was used in the Accord PHEV.

Electrek provides more information:

Honda is set to join the few other manufacturers ready to unveil new electric vehicles at the Tokyo Motor Show, which start October 29. Nissan and Mitsubishi already announced their intentions to debut new EV models and now Honda is ready to introduce a new plug-in hybrid according the a report from AutoNews.

The company has also been working on a modified CR-Z with 4 electric motors. They built the car to compete at the Pikes Peak Race, but after satisfying results at the race, the project’s chief engineer Yutaka Horiuchi said Honda is now considering a possible production version of the vehicle or the platform.

Good news. The more manufacturers getting in on the action, the faster the sector as a whole will grow. Good to see Honda slowly stepping away from hydrogen as well, and taking a closer look at other options.

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