GreenWay EV Fast-Charging Network Connects West & East Of Slovakia (Video)

The electric vehicle charging station firm GreenWay has connected the major cities of western and eastern Slovakia, according to an email sent to EV Obsession and CleanTechnica following our Cleantech Revolution Tour conference a little north of the border in Poland.

The electric vehicle fast-charging network makes it possible and quite convenient to travel throughout the country in an EV without problems. It’s also relatively easy now to travel in an EV from the Atlantic coast of the European Union to its eastern border.

The EV fast-charging station buildout is composed of 15 stations, primarily along the route between Bratislava and Košice — the major cities of the western and eastern parts of the country.

To commemorate the opening of the EV fast-charging travel corridor, GreenWay drove 10 Nissan Leafs from one end of the country to the other. A video released in conjunction with that is posted below.

More information on the company and its EV fast-charging station buildout efforts can be found on the GreenWay website.

As some further background, GreenWay was previously part of the same company as Voltia before the EV fast-charging station network and commercial electric delivery van & truck leasing businesses decided to split in order to better focus on their respective businesses.

The company now known as Voltia is based around a vehicle-as-a-service business platform that’s intended to stimulate more businesses to use electric vehicles in a cost-effective manner.

GreenWay, meanwhile, now handles the entirety of the EV fast-charging station business.

A press release was published when the split occurred. It included the following quote from co-founder Juraj Uleha: “We have been building a great team and testing and refining the commercial vehicle as a service approach under the name Greenway Operator for a few years. We’ve become specialists in helping businesses deploy electric vans, especially in the 2–3.5 ton market segment. This year we were even recognized as one of the top three sustainable businesses in Europe. Now, strengthened by cooperation with leading international investors, we’re excited to launch Voltia and take this model all over Europe.”

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