EverCharge 1 Of 10 Top Auto Startups

The US-based electric vehicle charging solutions firm EverCharge has been selected as one of 10 innovative companies working in the emerging meeting place of transportation and the tech industry, according to organizers of a competition to be held at the upcoming LA Auto Show and emailed to EV Obsession and CleanTechnica.

The presentation will be part of the Top Ten Automotive Startups competition being held by the Los Angeles Auto Show’s AutoMobility LA. The 2016 winners will be participating in AutoMobility LA’s 4-day tradeshow taking place November 14–17.

The plan is apparently for the top 3 finalists to be chosen before the show and for the winner to be chosen at the event. The top 10 finalists were chosen by AutoMobility LA’s advisory board, which is home to top executives from Lyft, Google, Nvidia NVDA, and Pandora, amongst others.

The President and CEO of the LA Auto Show and AutoMobility LA, Lisa Kaz, commented (to Fortune): “Each company has an innovative business model and products/services that we believe will affect the future consumer in positive ways. Auto-mobility is a broad category, and we believe the companies chosen successfully honor what this competition is about in their own respective ways.”


Here’s a bit of background on EverCharge’s business, for those unfamiliar: “More than one-third of US residents live in rental housing like apartments, townhouses, and condos — leaving millions of potential electric vehicle owners without a convenient place to charge their car. EverCharge, an Emeryville, California-based company, aims to fill that void and help make electric vehicles accessible to everyone, even if they don’t have a private garage. The company’s EV chargers are designed for a personal, individual parking spot. EverCharge does a site evaluation, and handles the permitting and installation. The customer is billed for the amount of energy used, and EverCharge reimburses the property.”

In related news, EverCharge was also named as a finalist (one of 8), and a winner (one of 4) in the Startup Sesame Mobility competition that took place at the inaugural Mondial Innovation Forum at the recent Paris Auto Show. EverCharge’s fellow winners in the competition were SmartUp Cities (Spain), Faraday Motion (Denmark), and Pzartech (Israel).

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