EV Sharing For On-Demand Drivers Firm Evercar Expanding In LA

The electric vehicle sharing company for on-demand drivers, Evercar, is expanding rapidly in the Los Angeles area — with plans for the firm’s vehicle fleet to grow from 43 to up to 1000 over the coming months — according to a new press release.

To explain, Evercar provides shared electric vehicles (EVs) to on-demand drivers (Lyft, Uber, etc) when requested, thereby giving those that don’t own cars access to work as an on-demand driver.


“Shared electric vehicles represent the future of transportation, and with Evercar, we’re making it possible for practically everyone to participate in that future, today,” stated Evercar CEO Michael Brylawski. “Our platform for shared vehicles is ideal for on-demand drivers because it helps us spread out the cost of buying and maintaining a vehicle while at the same time providing drivers with a community of shared learning and support that helps them maximize their earnings.”

The new press release provides more:

The Evercar service launched in Los Angeles in 2015 and currently includes a fleet of 43 shared vehicles in high-demand communities of Los Angeles County including Downtown, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Inglewood, and Marina del Rey. The company plans to expand rapidly in Los Angeles County, with financing available to acquire up to 1,000 new vehicles in the coming months.

…Evercar recently recognized a company record for vehicle utilization in its Los Angeles fleet, when nearly half of its fleet was on the road 24-hours a day. The company’s model for shared vehicles allows a higher rate of utilization than the traditional single owner model.

“Evercar’s prices make it possible for anyone to have access to work, they’re really helping to create jobs for people who wouldn’t otherwise have this kind of opportunity,” commented frequent Evercar driver Terrence Buchanan.

“Our new driver enrollment is growing rapidly, every week we have hundreds of drivers in Los Angeles applying to join the Evercar community, which tells us we’re providing a much-needed service to the communities we serve and the environment that surrounds them,” Brylawski noted.

Image Credit: Evercar

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