EV Fleet’s Condor Cab & Chassis — American-Made Electric Truck

Those keeping an eye on the American commercial electric vehicle (EV) market may want to take note of the company EV Fleet Inc (EVFI), currently based out of North Carolina.

The company’s Condor Cab and Chassis seems to be quite an interesting offering, and was even described by the company in a promotional piece as being “quite possible the most American made truck in America.” 🙂

evfi truck


A number of EV Obsession and CleanTechnica readers have expressed interest in electric trucks over the past couple of years. While we’re yet to get anything from a major automobile manufacturer, perhaps these fit your needs?

The company apparently enlisted Prestige Motorsports and Race City Steel to help design the 62E Class truck chassis.

Here’s more via the company itself:

What you are about to drive is a pollution-free vehicle that is affordable, fast, tough, and American made. The profits stay right here in America. EVFI is ready to make your truck. Our team has more than three decades of major vehicle platform launches. Our team decided to make a new type of car company.

For more than 100 years, the major car makers have been telling the marketplace, “You will buy what we build, or you can walk.” EVFI brings a new philosophy to the automotive world. Over the last decade, we have developed one of the toughest, fastest, and most affordable electric cab and chassis in the world. This is your truck. There are no two identical smart phones on earth. Why should your truck be any different? EVFI provides you a smart truck with advanced electronic performance that you can configure any way you like.

The EVFI Condor Cab and Chassis is a Fleet Manager’s dream vehicle. It can climb any mountain and keep you comfortable in any climate at any altitude. No oil to change. No water to leak. No belts, hoses, or pulley bearings to stock. Every wear item is currently on your local parts shelf. And best of all, no gasoline required. Run one truck, or a thousand trucks, and never worry about the price of gasoline again.

EVFI is a one-stop supplier. We can adjust the battery pack size and the charger package to fit your operations needs. If you run a dozen short routes a day, a faster charger with a smaller battery pack will save thousands on acquisition costs. If you operate tools, equipment, radios, a cargo cooler, or mobile labs, you can run all day on built in solar power and still drive 100 miles or more between charges. There is a perfect configuration for you at EVFI. Let us build you a fleet today.

Compelling stuff. I’m sold. (Though, I’m not in the market for a truck.)

Evfi truck

A final note here: the company makes the claim that its trucks can travel more than 300 miles for the cost of a single gallon of gasoline. That’s a compelling stat.

How great would it be to see many of the country’s various truck fleets go electric?

One thought on “EV Fleet’s Condor Cab & Chassis — American-Made Electric Truck

  1. “more than 300 miles for the cost of a single gallon of gasoline” seems like an overinflated stat. To get that performance with my Model S 60, electricity would need to cost about 2.5 cents per kWh. (Leaving the math out to save space, but trust me, I did it.) I have a hard time believing their truck is 4x more efficient than my Model S.

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