European Tesla Referral Contest Won By Bjørn Nyland For The Second Time

Tesla’s second European referral contest was won by the guy who won the first contest, Bjørn Nyland, according to recent reports. What that means, for those out of the loop, is that Mr Nyland managed to be the top referrer behind new Model S sales in Europe during the time of the second contest (which ended December 31st) — and that he’ll now be getting a free Ludicrous-enabled Model S P90D for his efforts.

The first contest — which ran from June 2015 to October 2015 — saw Mr Nyland win a Founder’s Series Model X. Not a bad deal, I’d say, though not a bad deal for Tesla either — by all accounts, the referral program seems to be quite the success.

Considering that Mr Nyland is a fairly successful video blogger at this point, his ability to garner more referrals than most others, and thus win the European contest, shouldn’t be too surprising. Those who didn’t win still benefited as well, of course, with lesser prizes being doled out to them.

Teslarati provides more:

Globally, the overall leader among all contestants is a person named Wei from China, who referred an incredible 188 people in just two months. Canada’s Sylvain Juteau won the first referral contest for the North American region and is on track to win the second contest as well. He has 34 referrals to Bjørn’s 51. Juteau has made winning the contest a full time job. During the first program, referrers received a $1,000 credit to their Tesla Motors account, a feature not included in the second contest. He used that money to buy several dozen CHAdeMO adapters, which he offered free to anyone who purchased a Model S because of his referral. His reward, a car worth about $130,000 which is pretty good wages for 2 months of work.

While Wei, Juteau and Bjørn referred many customers each, many Tesla owners referred just one or two. But Juteau, who runs, says the total number of referrals totaled almost 5,000 and accounted for nearly a third of all the 17,400 Model S cars Tesla delivered in the 4th quarter. At an estimated average sale price of $85,000, which is probably on the low side, Juteau puts the value of all the sales via referral at $425,000,000.

Yeah… Definitely not a bad deal for Tesla then. 🙂

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  1. It’s amazing how well a bunch of independent, incentivised people can compete with each other to sell cars!

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