Elon Musk: Model X Pre-Delivery Inspection Has Been Amplified, Several Parts Now Being Replaced

There’s been some criticism of Tesla as of late, owing to the problems that have accompanied the launch of the Model X. Most of these have seemingly related to longer-than-expected wait times for delivery — apparently, this is mostly owing to issues with suppliers (quality control, shortages, etc).

In particular, some Model X reservation holders have been publicly venting recently about not receiving their Model Xs as quickly as expected (the delay is owing to the effort to deliver the best SUV in the world, it should be remembered…). Anyways… Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently responded to a request for an explanation from a Model X reservation holder on Twitter who was unhappy about the wait. The tweet was notable as it revealed that were several supplier parts now being replaced as a result of an “amplified” pre-delivery inspection. Here’s the tweet:

Following that tweet, the Tesla CEO also retweeted this message below, from an obviously very satisfied Model X buyer, seemingly as a further rebuttal of Model X launch criticism:

And… While we’re on the subject, Musk also made a number of other interesting tweets recently, including the one below linking to an owner-shot video showing Autopilot maneuvering out of the way of a truck, thereby preventing a collision. Enjoy the video…

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