Electric Surfboard Debuted From Swagtron

The niche electric vehicle firm Swagtron (formerly Swagway) unveiled a number of interesting new offerings at CES 2017, and no doubt grabbed some eyeballs with them. One of these was an electric surfboard known as the SwagSurf, which is reportedly capable of traveling at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour (independently, not just while riding waves).

A bit of a weird idea, but it will probably sell well enough as a niche offering .

Previous to this newest batch of niche electric vehicle offerings, the company has mostly focused on electric skateboards, hoverboards, and scooters.

The newest batch of products adds some further variety to Swagtron’s product lineup, though — with an electric unicycle, an off-road hoverboard, an electric bike, and the aforementioned electric surfboard now being amongst the company’s offerings.

The Verge provides on an overview of what the company had on display at CES 2017:

“The SwagCycle bike can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour (though it’s unclear from Swagtron’s press release if that’s pedal-assisted or straight motor speed), and the 250W motor will last for about 55 miles. It also has a display on the handlebars that shows stats like speed and miles traveled.

“The SwagRoller is an electric unicycle a la the Uniwheel, or the Focus Designs Self-Balancing Unicycle. It tops out at nearly 10 miles per hour, it’s IPX5 water resistant, and — just like the namesake Swagtron hoverboard — has a Bluetooth speaker.

“A new off-road hoverboard for the nature-loving millennial in your life.

“The SwagSurf — an electric surfboard with a top speed of almost 15 miles per hour.”

Very notably, Swagtron has yet to reveal any pricing information on the products above. I wouldn’t count on them being very cheap.

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