Electric Car Charging Just Got Faster Thanks To ABB’s Terra Charging Stations

The race between electric vehicles, EV charging stations, and batteries is a never-ending game of observation and speculation — one falls behind, falls behind more as the others speed up, then catches up again. Investors and companies jump into the lagging and accelerating as they see the opportunity. ABB is one of those companies that has decided to take on the charging infrastructure for EV drivers. As part of that, the company just introduced it’s Terra HP 350 kW charging stations, which can be upgraded to 800 kW.

ABB’s Beefy Terra HP Fast Charging Stations And The Future

When it comes to ease of mind with future updates and upgrades, the ABB Terra HP 350 kW charging station seems to have it all. The Terra’s purpose is to hit the sweet spot of giving EV drivers a charging time of 8 minutes for 200 km (125 miles).

Imagine driving from Washington, D.C., to New York; Los Angeles to San Francisco or San Diego; or any 4- to 10-hour trip. Those trips become a much easier reality than what pioneers using 50 kW chargers had to do for a transcontinental EV run. The capacity to charge from 400V up to 800V, giving you 200 miles in 10 minutes, makes a world of difference.

The charging station industry is filled with companies large and small. Startups have often shaped this new market segment, but giants such as ABB and AeroVironment have come from the high-end industrial segment as well, making their way down to consumer products. ABB’s Dynamic DC power-sharing technology allows the charging stations to handle up to two vehicles simultaneously at up to 350 kW, using a two-power cabinet system.

According to Frank Muehlon, head of ABB’s global business for electric vehicle charging, “We are committed to supporting the expansion of electric vehicle charging systems across the globe to drive cleaner environments

“Creating innovative state-of-the-art and energy efficient solutions which are scalable to expand and flex with our customers’ needs is at the heart of ABB’s philosophy.”


The Race Is Still On Between EVs, Batteries, & Charging Systems

The race to even out and balance the playing field for EVs is still on and it is red hot. California suffers from a low number of charging stations per EV and charging station companies understand the need to catch up. Furthermore, they understand that electric cars are finally on the way that will be able to charge at superfast/ultrafast charging stations — so it now makes sense to manufacture and install them.

ABB’s Terra HP charging stations features an adaptable amount of power with communications redundancies for up to two EVs each. Previous applications with electric bus installations have also enabled ABB to develop a system with high levels of reliability.

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