eCity Powered by Solaris

25 years of experience, 21,000 buses and trolleybuses delivered to 32 countries (of which every eighth is a zero-emission vehicle) – one cannot but share this knowledge! Solaris Bus & Coach hereby invites you to visit the web portal eCity, entirely dedicated to zero-emission public transport.

In response to numerous requests relating to the need for a place to give an insight into all issues related to e-mobility in its broadest sense, we have created a new website: It is an expert web portal, dedicated to all issues concerning e-mobility and sustainable public transport.

“eCity powered by Solaris” aims to promote knowledge of developing zero-emission technologies that are crucial to achieving climate neutrality. Via the portal, Solaris will share its extensive expertise in this field, which is particularly essential in the modern world. eCity is a spot in the virtual Internet space that is open to everybody: customers, sector representatives, local governments, journalists, drivers, students, and all modern urban transport enthusiasts.

It constitutes a comprehensive knowledge database for e-mobility, i. e. the future (and increasingly the present day!) of the automotive industry. The website provides the latest news from the public transport world. We explain terms related to electric and hydrogen buses, trolleybuses, and modern charging infrastructure. We talk about transport of the future and present experiences of carriers that have for years been benefitting from the advantages of zero-emission fleets. We observe the dynamic changes that are taking place in urban mobility before our very eyes. We share our competence in what we are best at: in the area of environmentally- and resident-friendly zero-emission vehicles.

The transition to zero-emission mobility is a rapidly developing topic that we will, with the utmost pleasure, gradually introduce you to. eCity will be updated on an ongoing basis, which is why we invite you to visit the website regularly. Sign up to the newsletter available directly on the website and stay up to date with all the new articles and developments. Visit us and check it out!

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