Dubuc Motors Claims 370 Mile Range For Tomahawk EV, Unveiling In 2017

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We’ve covered the European electric vehicle startup Dubuc Motors quite a bit in the past — with the ongoing teasing of a future electric supercar being the primary subject.

It appears that things are still going forward in that regard, with the company recently announcing that its Tomahawk electric sports car will possess a range of around 370 miles per full charge — going on initial testing.


Dubuc Motors is currently working to unveil a production supercar in 2017.

A new press release provides more:

To date, Dubuc Motors has gathered over $5 million dollars in indicated interest for the shares of the company through its test-the-water equity crowdfunding campaign on startengine.com. Dubuc Motors believes it is on track to complete its funding goal which is the first step in bringing the Tomahawk EV into production in 2017. This news is sure to please the hundreds of investors who have already indicated interest in the company, and underlines Dubuc Motors’ unwavering pursuit of excellence.

“We want to be unequivocally the reference in the electric sports car market. We strive to push the limits and intend to offer the ultimate of what is possible. This announcement today highlights our commitment to bringing an unsurpassed level of engineering and we believe demonstrates our ability to progress quickly within our space,” stated Mike Kakogiannakis, CEO of Dubuc Motors.

More information on investment opportunities (if so inclined) can be found here.

Those interested in finding out more about Dubuc Motors are directed here: Tomahawk Electric Supercar Set To Be Released In 2017

Image Credit: Dubuc Motors

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