Don’t Like The Tesla Model S Interior? Take A Look At What This Guy Did

If for whatever reason one doesn’t like the interior of their Tesla Model S what should one do? Completely replace the interior through the services of a third-party? That’s exactly what one Model S owner in Russia did recently — replacing the Tesla interior with BMW 6-Series seats, etc.

Have a look…

What do you think? Personally, I’m thinking that there’s no way I could justify the money spent on the change, and also that I prefer the original interior. I’d be curious to see what it felt like though, looks rather comfy.

(Tip of the hat to “IgorAntarov” on the TMC forum for this.)

3 thoughts on “Don’t Like The Tesla Model S Interior? Take A Look At What This Guy Did

  1. Send one south of the border for a good old fashioned tuck and roll. Set of fuzzy dice and you’re done.

  2. Looks awesome and comfy & lots of pockets for long trips! Needs cup-holders in the rear armrest and rear of center console like I have in my old Toyota Yaris! If you have the money then more power to you. What cars is he comparing to in the same price range that is Fully Electric that comes with better interior?

  3. LOL @ Why would a you be eating at McDs if you owned an expensive car like Tesla!….you need to be seating inside a nice restaurant n eating on nice tables and not in your $100K car to end up smelling like McDs….gross!

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