Cause Of Red Tint On Tesla Model X Windshield Following Rain?

The upper portion of the enormous Tesla Model X windshield seems to get a noticeably red-tint to it when exposed to rain, going by a recent discussion on the Tesla Motors Club forum. What’s the cause?

Given that it only occurs in the upper parts of the windshield, one would presume that it’s something to do with a coating/shading present there that’s meant to limit heat and/or ultraviolet light entry. This was seemingly confirmed by the commentator “bonnie,” who indicated that it was the UV coating.

With regard to the discussion topic in question, it was kicked off by this comment from “SSD420” after discovering the red rain drops on his Model X: “Is this normal? This is what my windshield looked like after a brief but heavy rain..”


Personally I think that these photos are quite interesting looking…. Though maybe I am too much of an enthusiast to have an honest opinion on the matter…. The second one, shared by bonnie, definitely looks to me like the surface of Europa, or some of other moon or planet.

A final comment: given the spate of Tesla news coverage with a critical bent to it lately, who knows if one of the parties in question will do an article on the subject. As “aesculus” noted, “I am waiting for all the scare stories from the public about these psychedelic colors come next winter. 🙂 “

2 thoughts on “Cause Of Red Tint On Tesla Model X Windshield Following Rain?

  1. This is probably the result of the infrared blocking coating, not UV. It’s reflecting in the red – infrared region, i.e. blocking heat. The water droplets are refracting light and making the reflected heat/light more visible somehow. That’s my take…

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