CARB Will Award Up To $10M For School Bus Electrification

Originally published on CleanTechnica.

The California Air Resources Board will be awarding up to $10 million in grants as part of a new school bus electrification and alternative fuels program known as The Rural School Bus Pilot Project, according to recent reports.

The funding for the new project — which is a partnership between the California Air Resources Board and the North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District — is coming from California’s cap-and-trade program.

All public schools in the state, and all public entities there as well, are eligible to apply for funding. Applications will be accepted through the end of March.

Green Car Congress provides more:

“Funding is available for the purchase of new advanced technology zero-emission fuel cell and battery electric school buses and associated vehicle charging equipment. Near-zero-emission plug-in hybrid school buses, or new school buses that operate on renewable fuels, including renewable diesel, natural gas, and propane, are also eligible.

“Applications will be ranked first by the size of the air district, then by age of the school bus, and finally by total mileage on the school bus. School districts in small air districts will have first priority for the funding, but all school districts are encouraged to apply.”

The up to $10 million in grants being allocated will reportedly allow for the purchase of as many as 60 new school buses.

The Rural School Bus Pilot Project is a part of California Climate Investments — a program based around the use of cap-and-trade funds for:

  • the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • the improvement of public health;
  • the strengthening of the economy.

Roughly 35% of the project’s funds are invested in “disadvantaged and low-income communities.”

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