Bulletproof Tesla Model S Now Being Sold By International Armoring Corporation

Those who prefer to drive electric cars, and who also simultaneously have a taste for luxury and worries about being shot while driving in these electric cars, will be happy to learn that there’s at least one company out there that now has you covered, by offering armored versions of the Tesla Model S.

While I would assume that most people who purchase Teslas are more worried about out of control robots and AI than they are about getting gunned down while driving, there probably are a fair number of rich people out there somewhere that wouldn’t mind having some extra protection built into their cars, I would guess. (I’m looking at you Mexico and El Salvador.)


Here’s a quick overview of the upgrades made to create the armored Model S on offer from International Armoring Corporation:

  • All opaque material surrounding passenger area is reinforced with ballistic steel and composite lightweight armoring materials.
  • All original glass is removed and replaced with ballistic glass.
  • Doors and frames are reinforced with ballistic steel, composite lightweight materials, overlaps and spall guards.
  • Armored battery, firewall, and front fenders protection is installed.
  • Reinforced suspension.
  • Run-flat systems are installed on all tires.

I like the idea of an armored battery, but I do have to wonder how effective the armoring used in the build would be. I wonder what sort of testing regimen has been performed on that count? The effect that all of this armoring has on the vehicle’s range is also an interesting question.

Here are the words used to sell the offering on the Utah-based company’s site:

IAC is able to combine safety with style when it comes to the Electric Tesla Model S. Without compromising the Tesla’s sleek design, IAC armors this eco-friendly vehicle to be able to withstand any attack. The armored Tesla model S comes in four trims with various features and battery charges. Don’t compromise your vehicle selection; armor with Armormax lightweight armor and keep your desired vehicle. The bulletproof Tesla Model S has a revolutionary design equipped with the 85 kilowatt-hour battery and a high performance drive inverter as well as it’s classy interior and exterior. Call us today to for a quote.

Those interested in finding out more can do so via the company’s website, or by phone (801-393-1075).

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