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Bookmycharge Offers EV Owners Free Rewilding Opportunity

Jeremy Coulter, Bookmycharge, Co-founder

  • UK’s bookable home and destination EV charging network launches rewilding campaign to support Clean Air Day
  • Support for UK charity ‘Heal Rewilding’ offers free sponsorship of 3m x 3m square of land for rewilding to new EV chargepoint registrants
  • Bookmycharge campaign aims to accelerate EV uptake and improve biodiversity to enhance air quality today and for future generations

Bookmycharge, the UK’s bookable home and destination electric vehicle (EV) charging network, is encouraging EV drivers to support Clean Air Day (17 June). Until the end of June, every EV owner registering their chargepoint for free on the Bookmycharge network will support British rewilding efforts through national charity Heal Rewilding.

The charity (healrewilding.org.uk) is raising money to rewild lowland areas in England, to restore them to their natural state, improving biodiversity and increasing natural abundance. Heal uses the what3words addressing system to divide potential rewilding sites into 3m x 3m squares that can then be sponsored. Until 30 June, every new chargepoint registered on Bookmycharge.com will receive a year’s free sponsorship of a Heal 3×3 square.

Jeremy Coulter, Co-founder of Bookmycharge, said: “We all want cleaner air for our children to breathe, so we’re passionate about accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles across the UK. By registering their chargepoint at Bookmycharge.com, EV owners expand the rural and residential charging network and help to boost natural biodiversity thanks to our support of Heal Rewilding.”

For each new registrant, Bookmycharge will pay the initial year’s £20 sponsorship to Heal for a 3m x 3m square of land, with a Heal certificate sent to each registrant. After the initial year, registrants have the option to continue their sponsorship of the square for £3 per year.

Bookmycharge enables its community to share a network of bookable residential, rural and destination electric vehicle chargepoints across the UK. The Heal offer for new chargepoint registrants fits neatly with the Bookmycharge ethos that seeks to accelerate the transition to a better, cleaner, friendlier future for personal transportation.

The founders of Bookmycharge are also trustees of the Heal Rewilding charity, so the connection between EV uptake and restoring natural habitats was an easy one to make. In the UK, up to 36,000 deaths each year are caused by air pollution, with urban areas bearing the brunt of the issue.

Jan Stannard, Heal Rewilding trustee, said: “By 2050, 90% of us will live in urban areas and currently the bulk of rewilding happens far from where people live. Heal Rewilding aims to bring natural habitats closer to the people who could benefit from them most by focusing efforts on degraded land that’s within easy reach of urban areas. The support of Bookmycharge and EV owners nationwide is a welcome boost to the charity and to our country’s natural biodiversity.”

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