BMW i5 Probably Going To Be An SUV

The next model in BMW’s i Series of electric vehicles, the i5, is likely to be an SUV, going by rumors coming out of Munich.

The possible SUV in question is set to be an fully electric, and to possess a range of over 200 miles per charge — going by the rumors in question, anyways. Auto Express recently posted some interesting pictures detailing how the model could end up looking that it allegedly received from a BMW board member. This is all speculation for the time being, though, and the i5 could end up looking quite a bit different.

BMW i5 SUV idea auto express

In an interview with Auto Express, BMW board member Ian Robertson did comment obliquely on the subject, noting that: “Legislation means we’ll inevitably have more zero emissions cars and we’re exploring more i models, although no firm decisions have been made yet.”

So regardless of rumors, nothing firm seems to have been decided yet.


Auto Express provides more:

SUV sales continue to grow across the globe, especially in the crucial Chinese market, and BMW bosses have been analyzing Tesla’s success, including the demand for its new Model X SUV. BMW would put its own twist on things with the same sort of advanced tech seen in the i3 and i8, plus the latest in autonomous driving and connectivity features. So expect low-weight carbon fibre to feature heavily alongside all-electric power, with a range well in excess of 200 miles.

…The arrival of an i5 could be timed to coincide with new German incentives, suggesting sales of the car are well over a year away. The development of battery technology will also play a part in the car, both in terms of range and packaging.

Robertson continued: “The tech is developing fast – we’ll see steps made with lithium-ion batteries and then lithium air will make progress. But next we’ll see solid state batteries without the wet sticky stuff in them – that’s where real progress will be made in terms of density and packaging.”

Image Credit: Auto Express

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