BMW i Given “Momentum For Change” Award By The UN

The United Nations has awarded BMW i with the “Momentum for Change” award for its efforts to spread the availability of publicly accessible electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, according to recent reports.

In particular, the new award from the UN was given due to BMW i’s recent work to install “express” charging corridors along the west and east coasts of the US. That work has seen around 100 new fast-charging stations installed between the cities of Portland, Oregon, and San Diego, California, on the West Coast; and between the cities of Washington, DC, and Boston, Massachusetts, on the East Coast.

BMw i

The “Momentum for Change” award was presented to BMW i during the recent UN Climate Conference COP21 in Paris, France.

A recent press release provides more:

The charging stations are being installed at a maximum distance of 50 miles from each other, usually in rest areas and in the vicinity of shopping centres, restaurants or leisure facilities. Each station features 50 kW and 24 kW charging respectively. In (the) case of 50 kW, the standard-charging cycle for the BMW i3 only takes around 20 minutes. Special attention was paid to the aspect that all charging stations meet the worldwide CCS Standard and are usable for a wide range of EV’s, so that they cannot be used just by models of one certain brand.

In addition to the initiative on the West and East Coast of the USA, which was honoured with the “Momentum for Change” award, BMW i is also supporting a wide range of fast charging infrastructure projects on a worldwide basis, currently with a focus on North America, Europe, South Africa, China and Japan.

Altogether, over 30 fast-charging projects in over 25 different countries are currently under development by (or in coordination with) BMW.

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