Bill Gates Cruises In A Tesla Model X For Interview With Author Of “Seveneves”

Originally published on CleanTechnica.

One of the wealthiest people in the world, Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, recently conducted an interview with the author of the popular sci-fi novel “Seveneves”… inside a “Deep Blue” Tesla Model X in Seattle.

The interview with Neal Stephenson — which was conducted for Bill Gates’ GatesNotes blog — probably serves as a good example of just how deeply Tesla has managed to work itself into the public consciousness over just a few years. It seems that nearly anyone who has a noted interest in tech/science/space travel/sci-fi now holds Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk (also CEO of SpaceX) up as something of a secular saint.

bill gates model x

On that note, the Model X interview seems to have focused mostly on related subjects….

Teslarati provides more:

The interview was recorded in virtual-reality for his GatesNotes blog, and sees Gates having a casual conversation with the book’s author about destruction on Earth and human survival in space. At one point in the video we see Gates pulling into a local burger joint, while a white Model S passes by, and ordering a “combo 2 with medium diet Coke”.

Here you have one of the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs/philanthropists with a net worth of near 80 billion dollars, three times the market cap of Tesla, ordering fast food while talking science fiction with a buddy. There’s something really refreshing about that.

Well, that’s up for debate. But the Tesla Model X shown is itself certainly looking sharp…. It really is interesting the way that Tesla has become such a status symbol (or cultural identifier?) so rapidly. The Model 3 launch will be really interesting to observe in that regard.

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