Before The World — Music Video By Basile di Manski

To be direct, I want my grandchildren who are full of life and love to have a fair chance of keeping their happiness and intelligence spreading. The problem is how much damage we are doing to the natural world that supports us all. Today, though, I am offering some wonder — the same wonder that all of us air pollution advocates are sensing at this time.

It’s sad. The pandemic is sad. One positive note, however, is that air pollution has decreased. Why does it take something this extreme to change dirty habits. There is so much less car culture right now. We could live with more of this lifestyle — not the inability to work, but a slower lifestyle. Thoreau is smiling. Is this what it takes to manifest what our grandchildren need — pure air, good food.

Read. Take the time to pick those nutritious greens alone — that Monsanto is trying to destroy. Study how to pick your own greens, greens that keep us alive, from your own garden. Please don’t take this as any form of medical advice — you should consult your own physician for that — but I can assure you that many a physician integrated with herbal knowledge spent a moment thriving alone in the nettles this week, nettles that some call weeds.

Consult your own physician but consider James Ayre’s smile while reading this post. He writes, “Nettles are a very nutritious, high-quality, free, and easily harvestable wild food source that has become very underused in modern times. Once used across multiple continents as a nutritious, high-protein, high-vitamin and mineral, complement to meats and starches; they have fallen out of use in modern times with the emergence of the modern grocery store culture, like many free and very nutritious wild food sources have.”

Organic Nettles, dill, Cynthia ShahanAll Rights Reserved
Organic nettles and dill. © Cynthia Shahan

Thank you to a CleanTechnica reader for sending us this video by Basile di Manski — Before the World (Official Video).

Featured Image: Organic Seedlings. © Cynthia Shahan

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