Australian Utility Offering $1/Day EV Charging

The Australian electric utility company AGL will be offering a flat AUS$1 a day for all-you-can-do electric vehicle charging to customers with one of the company’s smart meters, according to recent reports.

The new offer was announced by AGL CEO Andy Vesey at the recent Australia Energy Week Conference in Melbourne, with the CEO noting at the time that the offer would simplify things a great deal for many customers. After all, what’s simpler than just budgeting AUS$1/day for electric vehicle (EV) charging — or AUS$365 a year for that matter.


Whether or not the deal is actually cheaper for customers is a relative thing — depending on location, hours of use, etc — but the deal is certainly quite a simple one, which will no doubt appeal to many.

CEO Vesey commented when revealing the offer: “For a dollar a day if you have an electric vehicle and you have a AGL smart meter and a charger you can get energy for that car for $1 a day, as much as you like.”

A tweet made the CEO following the reveal noted that the offer would be available starting in November:

Mashable coverage of the news notes that the offer applies to a “range of electric cars including Tesla, the BMW i3, the Nissan Leaf and any cars that plug into a charger.” Going on: “A spokesperson for the company told Mashable Australia it would supply power to a customer’s car charger via an installed meter or could sell them a charger if they don’t have one.”

And also that, “to keep with the green theme, AGL will also carbon offset the offer, with the company investing in green initiatives to counter the carbon dioxide emissions. An AGL spokesperson advised this would be a carbon-offset product involving trees as that is what Australians are passionate about.”

(Tip of the hat to “jeebb_” on the Tesla Motors Club forum for the share.)

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