5 European EV Fast-Charging Networks Form Open Fast Charging Alliance

Originally published on CleanTechnica.

Five large electric vehicle fast-charging station networks in Europe have partnered to create a new integrated alliance, allowing users to easily use the stations of any of the 5 networks while traveling, according to a new press release from the collaboration.

The networks of these 5 companies certainly don’t cover the whole of Europe, but this partnership seems as though it will represent a good improvement over the previous situation for electric vehicle (EV) owners in the countries in question.

So, what are the 5 EV charging networks in question (the founders of the Open Fast Charging Alliance)?

Not a bad starting group. Though, hopefully the partnership will be expanded to include more networks within the near future.

“Together, the alliance members own and operate more than 500 fast chargers in 6 countries. They operate their networks according to high standards. This includes providing 24/7 customer service, and ensuring maximum network uptime. The alliance is open to other networks adhering to these standards,” a press release on the matter stated.

“The alliance will focus on bilateral roaming agreements between these high quality networks by implementing open standards such as OCPI. The first implementations are planned within the year.”

We reported previously that a number of major auto manufacturers in Europe are cooperating on the development of a large EV superfast-charging network there. It’s not completely clear at this point whether the manufacturers will be actually developing the network, or if partnerships with existing networks like the five above will be the path taken. It’ll be interesting to see if the Open Fast Charging Alliance gets co-opted by that initiative, or if it remains independent.


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