Did Chamath Palihapitiya Tweet About Tesla’s Sleeping Giant?

In a brilliant video analysis by Dillon Loomis on his channel Electrified, Dillon analyzes a tweet by Chamath Palihapitiya and shares what he thinks could be Tesla’s sleeping giant. Chamath tweeted an image that listed several […]

Breakthrough in Battery Industry: LeydenJar Boosts Battery Energy by 70%

Originally published by LeydenJar Technologies LeydenJar Technologies, a Dutch spin-out of the applied research institute TNO, has developed a new anode that will drastically change the battery industry. For the first time, anodes in lithium-ion batteries can […]

Research: Efficient, Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion Batteries Via Covalent Synergy In Silicon-Sulfur-Graphene

The potential use of silicon in lithium-ion batteries as a means of improving energy density has long been sitting in the open, but the relative lack of operational stability with silicon-based anodes has remained something of […]