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There Are 250,000 Plug-In Cars In America

In November of 2010, the number of plug-in vehicles on America’s roads barely registered as a blip in the market as a whole. Since then though, nearly every automaker has debuted either an electric or plug-in hybrid car, and Americans have responded by buying them, lots and lots of them. GM-Volt estimates that over 250,000 […]

September 9th

WiTriCity Wireless Charging Gains Momentum

Plug-in cars are only just starting to sell in serious numbers, but one company that aims make that nomenclature obsolete. WiTriCity has already proven the potential of wireless “inductive” charging, and they hope to increase the rate of charging beyond what is possible even in today’s advanced EVs. Whereas most EVs have either a 3.3 […]

September 3rd