Rolls-Royce to Lead the Way in Developing Aviation Energy Storage Technology

Rolls-Royce is entering new aviation markets to pioneer sustainable power and as part of that mission we will be developing energy storage systems (ESS) that will enable aircraft to undertake zero emissions flights of over 100 […]

NGOs & Aviation Sector Call for Long-Haul Emissions to be Covered by EU’s Sustainable Aviation Fuels mandate

Broad coalition calls on European Commission to ensure that long-haul flights are included in the EU’s SAFs mandate Call for obligation of the mandate to be placed on the fuel supplier, to ensure equal treatment Support […]

Rolls-Royce’s all-electric ‘Spirit of Innovation’ Powers Through another Milestone on its Way to a World Record

Rolls-Royce has successfully completed the taxiing of its ‘Spirit of Innovation’ aircraft, the latest milestone on its journey to becoming the world’s fastest all-electric plane. Rolls-Royce ACCEL – Interview Selects For the first time, the plane […]

Surf Air Mobility Announces Entry Into Definitive Agreement To Acquire Electric Aviation Pioneer Ampaire

  Surf Air Mobility to lead in modern, hybrid electric air travel Ampaire’s proprietary technology will power the next generation of aviation Surf Air Mobility, a platform for regional air travel, today announced it has entered […]

Rolls-Royce Completes Ground-Testing of Technology set to Power the World’s fastest All-Electric Plane

Rolls-Royce has completed testing of the ground-breaking technology that will power the world’s fastest all-electric plane. All the technology has been tested on a full-scale replica of the plane’s core, called an ‘ionBird’, including a 500hp […]

LG Chem Suceeds Flying at the Highest Altitude with a Lithium-Sulfur Battery for the First Time in Korea

LG Chem has succeeded in flying at the highest altitude with a lithium-sulfur battery for the first time in Korea Loaded a lithium-sulfur battery on a solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle (EAV-3) developed by Korea Aerospace Research […]

SkyDrive( SkyDrive), Which Develops “Flying cars” & “Cargo Drones,” Raised 3.9 billion yen from the Investment Bank of Japan, etc.

“The flying car: The official name is called “Flying Cars and landing type non-pilot aircraft”, electrification, fully autonomous autopilot, vertical takeoff and landing is a major feature. As a new movement in the field of mobility, […]

Freedom Flight Prize Multimillion Pound Prize For First Carbon Free Commercial Flight Across The Atlantic

Originally published on Carbon Footprint, Freedom Flight Prize. London, UK. 1st September 2020: Sustainability expert Carbon Footprint Ltd has launched the world’s first Freedom Flight Prize The competition is open to manufacturers, research/academic groups and inventors to […]