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The best place to get in touch with us is often in the comments under articles. However, if you want to reach out in another way, there are numerous ways you can do so.

You can send site director Zachary Shahan a message on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook (that’s my order of preference).

Or you can contact us via the Important Media contact page. That comes into our email.

  • Austi Hawk

    Good Afternoon,

    My name is Austi Hawk and I represent a PR company for a Bed
    and Breakfast in Vermont that has a Tesla Charging Station. We want to be
    able to provide Tesla owners with some educational pieces as well as promote
    the B&B so that Tesla owners are able to know of great places that exist
    were they are able to charge their vehicle and recharge themselves while
    enjoying the amenities offered by West Hill House B&B.

    I am hoping you can help me by letting me know if it is
    possible to help me find ways to connect with your Tesla owners. Perhaps
    we can work together to help add value to green car owners. Perhaps we can post on your site? West Hill House B&B is also a green bed and breakfast with solar. They also are a great location for retreats. Can you please let me
    know the best person to contact to discuss ways we can work together? Please email me at

    I look forward to speaking with you.

  • Google+ doesn’t make it easy to just send a quick note to Zach. This might be interesting to EV obsessed. Audi exec acknowledges Tesla!

  • B M

    Please fix your website – it’s great but for one easily fixed flaw. The main page automatically scrolls through a seres of pictures, which is cool. But the pictures are different sizes, and that causes all of the text and links that come below to jump around every time the picture changes (at least it does on my Mac with Safari). Should be easy to fix, no?

  • JG

    I thought James might like to respond to the post (copied below) on the following article
    Regards, JG'stormageddon'/7487464

    07 Jun 2016 9:05:40pm
    If you were really interested in “The Science” you’d do some calculations on the effect of proposed ‘remedies’ . You’d get a shock.

    Try this one for example.
    Example remedy ‘electric car’. Resource needed; Newton’s laws of motion.

    Petrol car efficiency: circa 20% (one energy interconversion – potential to mechanical)

    Electric car efficiency: circa 0.2%. (Potential coal -> thermal -> mechanical -> electrical -> transmission loss -> chemical potential -> electrical -> mechanical).

    An electric car of the same mass driven the same distance generates ~ 100 times the greenhouse emissions of a petrol car. And if you think people are going to re-charge their cars at night off solar you are dreaming. They’ll take the easy option.

    Isn’t reality a hassle!


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