Wire-shaped Elastic Lithium-ion Batteries Under Development −

Wire-shaped Elastic Lithium-ion Batteries Under Development


Many researchers are working on a way to build a better electric car battery, and a team from Fudan University in Shanghai may have come up with a particularly compelling solution. These researchers have developed an elastic lithium-ion battery wire.

Produced from two aligned multi-walled carbon nanotube/lithium oxide composite yarns as the anode and cathode without extra current collectors and binders, researchers were able to weave these batteries into high-density textiles of flexible shapes and sizes. This would mean the ability to morph batteries into the body or frame of a car, spreading out the weight rather than just concentrating it in a single place.

Green Car Congress explains that previous attempts to build wire-shaped batteries and textiles have led to inferior batteries and safety concerns. Fudan University claims to have solved these issues, meaning an era where batteries no longer look like batteries may not be that far away.


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