Win A Tesla Model S In This Raffle −

Win A Tesla Model S In This Raffle

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With a starting price around $71,000, even with a generous $7,500 Federal tax rebate the Tesla Model S is about twice the cost of the average new car in America. To put it bluntly, most people can’t afford a Model S even on two salaries…but fear not Tesla fans, there is another way.

The Illinois Solar Energy Association is raffling off a 60 kWh Tesla Model S to benefit ISEA’s work towards advancing renewable energy, specifically solar power (duh). Just 2,000 tickets will be sold at $100 a pop (or 4 tickets for $300), so while it still isn’t cheap, it’s a lot more palatable than the $71,000 MSRP of a base Model S. ISEA is also throwing in a Bosch Level 2 home charger for the winner of the Model S, and after reading the rules and regulations it is definitely a base Model S; no leather interior, no air ride suspension, and no access to the Supercharger network (GASP!), a gross oversight if you ask me.

The winner also has the option of taking a $60,000 cash prize, and then perhaps buying a Model S of their own choosing. As long as 1,600 people buy tickets, the raffle is on; otherwise it converts into a 50/50 raffle, which could still send the winner home with enough cash to buy a Model S.

Of course these are problems only the winner has to worry about, and they’re problems we’d be happy to have. Is $100 worth the small chance you might put a Model S in your driveway?


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  • TedKidd

    Doing the math it seems they may have been penny wise and pound foolish. I’m not interested in that car, but if they’d made it an 85 with Tech I’d have bought a ticket for the fun of it, maybe 4.

    Sales will tell, if they sell out – clearly they were right and I was wrong…

    • bioburner

      I also thought they should have upped the prize to an S85 or at least let you order what you want with a cash limit of half ticket sales revenue. . it would be really sweet if they at least announced what color the car was and what options came with the car.

  • Mark Benjamin David

    The base model S is still more car than any other EV out there, TedKidd.

    Unless it’s changed since I last looked, it’s only $2000 to add lifetime supercharging to the base model s, I’m sure whomever wins will find a way to come up with that $, I know I would.