All U.K. Government Agencies To Get Plug-In Vehicles −

All U.K. Government Agencies To Get Plug-In Vehicles


In an effort aimed at leading by example, the U.K. government announced a £5 million ultra low emission vehicle (ULEV) readiness project. This is only the first step in a wide-reaching plan to eventually convert the entire government’s fleet to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The first wave is expected to bring approximately 150 plug-in vehicles to various government fleets, with the Government Car Service (which provides cars to ministers and the like) amongst the first agencies to go green.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, said:

I am delighted the Government Car Service is leading the move to electric vehicles and I will be one of the first in line to use one. This is the right thing to do, with much lower running costs and close to zero emissions, these vehicles will save the taxpayer money and be much greener. We are also investing significantly in ultra-low emission vehicles which will help ensure they play an important role in the UK economy as well as the environment.

The plan will soon expand to every corner of government activity, from police departments to municipal workers, and charging stations will also be installed as needed. Though it’ll take years before the entire U.K. government has gone green, even a thousand mile journey must begin with the first step.


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