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Published on October 7th, 2016 | by James Ayre


Truck Transporting Teslas Run Off Road By Bus (Video)

A truck transporting a number of brand new Tesla Model S sedans and Model X SUVs was recently almost run off the road a bit north of Fremont, California. The culprit was a County Connection commuter bus. This was captured in video format that recently surfaced.

The incident in question, which happened on September 27th, involved the commuter bus cutting across three lanes of traffic and apparently not seeing the truck trailer in the lane. It’s not entirely clear why that is. …

Teslarati provides more: “The video posted to YouTube shows a County Connection commuter bus, serving San Ramon and the Contra Costa County 40 mile east of San Francisco and 25 miles north of the company’s Fremont factory, cutting across three lanes before forcing the trailer carrying six Teslas off the road. With over a half million dollars worth of inventory inches away from crashing into a ditch along Interstate 680, the driver of the truck carrying the Model S and X is seen making an abrupt move onto the shoulder of the freeway, while narrowly scraping by a set of concrete dividers alongside the Interstate.”

This is exactly the sort of situation that autonomous driving technologies could help to avoid — though, we obviously aren’t there yet. A decade or so from now, though, the possibility is definitely there to slash the number of such situations, and, more importantly, to slash the number of actual accidents/crashes as well — most particularly, the fatal ones, and the ones that lead to serious injuries.


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  • Gazz

    This is not news. People get cut up all the time.

  • H.Invent

    To Mr. Bernard Soriano

    Deputy Director in California Dep. E-Vehicles

    Re: Self Driving Vehicles

    These types of vehicles will never work and will not be possibly function on the normal city/any streets. They show a vehicle driving on a parking lot, and on a sunny day. Nobody is mentioning these types of problems.

    Let’s say the vehicle is driving on city streets the traffic lights are not working, heavy rain day or night, heavy snow that covers the whole vehicle and electronics, overnight parking and the vehicle is covered with ice and snow, mud, than the vehicles outside electronics have no way of knowing what to do. Does the vehicle will not function and is totally useless.

    Everybody who likes to drive a vehicle must have a driver’s license in all states where the person lives.

    Must have vehicle insurance.

    If a vehicle company wants to sell a self driving vehicle the company must supply the vehicle insurance at the time of the sale to the consumer’s.

    The vehicle company must apply and have a driver’s license for every state in the USA.

    Why all this?

    As of today the owner of a vehicle does not need a driver’s license only insurance.

    Once the vehicle company is electronically driving the vehicle from where ever, all liabilities are with the vehicle manufacturer. I very strongly believe the vehicle companies will and cannot do this.

    Please see all my additional documents enclosed in this envelope.

  • Mike333

    The bus made a mistake. The Truck driver should be FIRED, Aggressive Idiotic Driving.

    Truck AI can’t come fast enough.

    • NRG4All

      The truck driver didn’t seem to be driving very defensively. The bus had its turn signal on and the truck didn’t seem to slow down but rather kept going forcing the issue. I’ve driven over 300,000 miles by motorcycle and this is just such an instance where, 1) you assess a situation looking for a potential problem, then 2) create a plan to avoid a collision, and 3) execute the plan if the foreseen situation actually happens.

  • Slawek

    I was in the exactly same situation on I-680 or I-880 the other day. Thy guys in those buses drive like crazy when they are in a hurry to go home and they do not care because of their sizes. I my case the bus was driving more than 70 mph, cut a few lanes and exited on some ramp. I could not believe how reckless they were. A serious accident is a matter of time

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