Toyota Donates Old Hybrid Batteries To Yellowstone Ranch −

Toyota Donates Old Hybrid Batteries To Yellowstone Ranch


Aiming to get more use out of old technology, several Toyota Camry Hybrid batteries will be installed at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch in Yellowstone National Park. Fed power by solar panels and micro-turbines, this will take the Yellowstone’s bison preserve completely off-the-grid.

Automakers have been searching for ways to get a second life out of old EV and hybrid batteries, and they’ve come up with lots of clever solutions. Toyota has been a leader in repurposing old batteries, and has come up with a storage solution for the green power sources of this remote ranch.

Founded in 1907 in order to provide protection to America’s dwindling buffalo herds, the Lamar Buffalo Ranch oversees one of the most remote and beautiful places in our country. Keep ugly power lines out of the equation only serves to enhance the natural splendor of this place.

By reusing batteries in this method, Toyota believes it can double the average lifespan of hybrid and EV battery packs, though the Japanese automaker didn’t stop there. Toyota also donated $50,000 in cash and a brand new RAV4 SUV (alas, not the EV version) to help the Ranch in its mission to research and educate the public on America’s roaming herds of buffalo.


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