Tesla Model X: Third Row Seating or Falcon-Wing Doors? −

Tesla Model X: Third Row Seating or Falcon-Wing Doors?


This week Tesla sent a note to Tesla Model X reservation holders giving them an update; their cars are coming soon, and with many of the rumored features Elon Musk promised. This includes standard all-wheel drive, falcon-wing doors and an optional third row of seating.

But that “optional” part has some Tesla fans upset, as they had long assumed the Model X would be a 7-passenger vehicle standard. Teslarati reports on some reactions to the optional third row of seating, which range from upset to understanding. The primary concern has to do with accessibility; the falcon-wing doors are supposed to make entering the back seats that much easier, but not everyone wants or needs a third row.

Then again, there are those that have to have the third row of seats, and making them optional, instead of standard, could cause some reservation holders to have second thoughts.

What do you think? Which feature is more important to the success of the Tesla Model X?


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  • osunick

    This is beyond stupid, because pricing hasn’t been released for the X, so customers are angry about an extra cost option in a car with no list price?