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Published on June 5th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


Tesla Model S Priced For Australia

Image Credit: TeslaTesla Motors is going global, and buyers are lining up all around the world to get their hands on a Model S. After its American launch, Tesla moved into Europe before tackling China, and next on its list of target countries is Australia. So just how much does the Model S cost in the Land Down Under?

The Tesla Model S will start at $97,245 in Australia, which factors in the local $4,808 luxury tax, $523 in registration fees, $767 for the local CTP, and $3,910 for the stamp duty. However, this price is only for residents of Australia’s capital areas. Other areas, like Western Australia, will see their base 60 kWh Model S sedans start at $103,333. Want a top-of-the-line Model S? Prepare to shell out over $200,000 for a fully-specced Model S P85+.

While there are already buyers with their pre-order deposits plunked down, there’s still no Supercharger network in place, and connecting to the two coasts of Australia through thousands of miles of harsh Aussie Outback won’t be a cakewalk. Even with 265 miles of driving range (as rated by the U.S. EPA), Australia is a country marked by wide expanses of…nothing.

But that won’t stop dedicated Tesla fans.

Source: Tesla Motors


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