Tesla Model S Driver Journeys From Mexico To Alaska −

Tesla Model S Driver Journeys From Mexico To Alaska



One of the cornerstone selling points of the Tesla Model S is access to the fast-charging and free Supercharger stations. These enable a coast-to-coast journey on free fuel and with zero tailpipe emissions, encouraging Model S owners to take cross country trips.

But what about a road trip in the other direction? Guy Hall of the Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association took his Tesla Model S from the infamous cowboy town of Yuma, Arizona all the way up to Fairbanks, Alaska. It took him 17 days due to him traversing some sparsely populated areas where EV chargers were few and far between, but that extra time let him take time out from his trip to appreciate the natural wonders all around him.

Hall said that he’d often trade rides in the Model S for an opportunity to plug into 240-volt outlets at auto repair or welding shops. Another trick he used to top off his Tesla was to plug in at RV parks, where there are usually extra plugs to spare. Calling his trip the Tesla Tiajuna to Tundra Tour (or T5 for short), Hall recommends the experience to anyone currently driving a Model S, even though the northernmost Supercharger is just north of Vancouver. Beyond that? It’s all trees and sparsely-inhabited villages.

Is this Tesla country? Sure, why not. And perhaps one day, the Supercharger highway will extend all the way to Fairbanks…and maybe even beyond.

Source: Autoblog Green


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