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Mini Tesla Cybertruck & More

Twitter user The Tesladorian has created a mini Cybertruck. A tweet shared the news with the caption, “Kids #radioflyer version of #cybertruck beta testing.” It gives us a preview of a smaller version of the Tesla Cybertruck — or just a joke about the idea with a video of a one-off, DIY toy.

This mini Cybertruck, as another Twitter user noticed, isn’t fully zero emissions. When I played the video of the mini Cybertruck, the motor was so loud that Little Tesla, the kitten that magically came into my life, got scared and ran under the couch only to poke his nose out when I stopped the video.

There is room for improvement.

If Radio Flyer did create a mini Cybertruck, as the company did for the Tesla Model S, it would surely be battery powered. The mini Model S is battery powered.

Whether meant for higher production or not, the mini Cybertruck shown below does have fairly good matching design — and a tremendous suspension system.

Elon Musk really started something when he unveiled the Cybertruck last month. There are so many “Cyber” ideas being shared around twitter — from Cyber flatware to a SpaceX version to a Cyber submarine vehicle. Every day, there is a new concept of the Cybertruck being applied to either an out-of-this-world idea or something ordinary such as a spork.

This Hovertruck below would definitely launch mankind into the Jetsons era. Imagine zipping along your commute and glancing down at the folks stuck in traffic as you fly by. They’ll want to be like you. They’ll order a Hovertruck. Of course, I don’t think our government would like for us to have these Hovertrucks. How would you manage air traffic and keep people from accidentally flying too high and crashing into an aircraft? Although, if anyone can make an actual Hovertruck and solve those obstacles, it’s Tesla and Elon Musk.

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How cool would it be to see this in a sci-fi movie? • The Cybertruck is a bold move by @teslamotors and it certainly is something out of the ordinary in the current automotive industry. Whether you like it or not, many are talking about it and even more have an opinion on it. Also from a designer’s point of view it’s a fascinating project. Because of its rudimentary low res design I wanted to distill its initial shape and see it without the wheels – Meet the Hovertruck #tesla #cybertruck #hovertruck #truck #cyber #cyberpunk #lowres #shape #carsofinstagram #cargram #instacar #transport #transportation #fiction #digitalart #design #concept #conceptart #hovercraft #hoverboard #sciencefiction #pickup #scifi #stainless #stainlesssteel #metal #flying #fly #bladerunner #teslacybertruck

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Everyday Astronaut would surely love it if SpaceX and Tesla were to team up and make a Cybertruck Starship combo where you could just drive to Mars. anyone up for rendering that one?

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Johnna Crider is a Louisiana native who likes crawfish, gems, minerals, EVs, and advocates for sustainability. Johnna is also the host of GettingStoned.online, a jewelry artisan and a $TSLA shareholder.


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