Tesla Gigafactory Now Has More Than $1 Billion In Permitted Construction Costs

Originally published on CleanTechnica.

Tesla has been granted a total of 153 building permits for the Gigafactory to date, relating to around $1.03 billion in construction costs/work, according to the newest article on the subject from Jack Cookson at BuildZoom.

Tesla paid around $5.58 million in fees to the Storey County Community Development Department for these permits.

Interestingly, a total of around $542.65 million in work (of the $1.03 billion) relates to permits now featuring an addendum.

The BuildZoom coverage provides more on that:

“After scanning through these permits, one thing that stood out was the number of permits that mentioned an addendum. In fact, 29 permits, for a total of $542.65 million of construction work mention an addendum to a previous part of the project. In these permits, an addendum refers to a supplemental permit that makes changes to a previous permit filed for the project. The job value of these permits is the additional construction costs of these changes. …

“Many of the other permits have been related to the installation and anchoring of the equipment needed for the factory. Other interesting permits include a nitrogen yard, a thermal energy storage tank, and the Panasonic equipment installed in Section B and C. In addition, the installation and expansion of the contractor accommodation indicated the number of construction workers on site has increased.”

To get a more detailed view of the extent of addendum use mentioned above, here’s an overview of the 29 permits in question:

Reprinted with permission.

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