Tesla Could Build Research Center In The U.K. −

Tesla Could Build Research Center In The U.K.


The U.K. may get a Tesla Motors research center, as the electric automaker looks to the future where it builds cars for European sensibilities. While nothing is set in stone, AutoCar reports that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is said to be “seriously considering” a location somewhere in the MidLands.

This research center would have “complete programs”, which sounds like developing a car from start to finish specifically for the European market. Musk, ever the charmer, expressed his admiration of British automotive design and engineering talent, and he said the center could potentially bring “hundreds of jobs” to the area.

Just don’t expect a full-on Tesla factory in the U.K. Despite pre-orders necessitating a four-month wait list, a European production facility will most likely be located on the continent, with Musk noting that the final assembly area is already located in the Netherlands.

But with Tesla going global in a big way, the U.K. looks like it might benefit from the electric vehicle love Elon Musk is spreading.


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