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Tesla’s HEPA Filter Takes Up A Lot Of Space

While the knowledge was already out there that the HEPA filter used in the Tesla Model X, and now the Model S as well, is substantial and takes up a lot of space, words are one thing and sight is another. A commentator on the Tesla Motors Club forum by the name of “pth28” was […]

September 8th

Tesla Model X With Falcon-Wing Doors Left Open Draws A Crowd (Video)

The Tesla Model X is a rather flashy car, even for a Tesla, mostly owing to the eye-catching falcon-wing doors — which are pretty much like absolutely nothing else on the market right now. I’m sure that they catch a lot of people’s eyes when they’re in action. Which is no doubt part of what […]

September 5th

US Electric Car Sales — 14 Highlights From August

This article is simultaneously being published on CleanTechnica and on our Electric Car Sales page. Numbers are in, and not a great deal has changed in the US electric car market since July, but it is always fun to look at the numbers and pick out some highlights. Here are 10 key highlights for this […]

September 4th

Germany Electric Car Sales — July 2016

Germany’s electric vehicle incentives are now in full effect. How has this affected sales of plug-in electric cars in the country? Apparently, not all that much, going by the July 2016 sales estimates for the German market that were just released by the EV Sales blog. Electric car sales in July (as compared to July 2015) were actually […]

August 20th

Norway Electric Car Sales — July 2016

Update #2: There were discrepancies in data sources and we corrected the article to indicate a different EV market share (for July & for the year through July). Estimates for electric vehicle sales in Norway during the month of July 2016 were recently released by our friend over at the EV Sales blog, Jose Pontes. […]

August 19th

Chevy Volt & Tesla Model S & X Lead US Electric Car Sales Surge

Energy independence is creeping into the US passenger car market more and more, led by Tesla Motors but also by ZEV mandates in 9 states and resulting EV efforts from a few auto companies. In the month of July, electric car sales surged 48% — mostly on the back of Tesla, but also due to big jumps in sales of […]

August 7th

“Low/Cheap” Tesla Leases Extended Through September 30th

Tesla’s relatively recent introduction of “low/cheap” leasing rates will run through the end of September, according to recent reports. Of importance to those looking to get a new Model S without spending a fortune, these low rates will continue to apply to the Tesla Model S 60 — which is, of course, the cheapest option […]

August 5th

European Tesla Model X Deliveries In Late September?

When will large numbers of Tesla Model X deliveries to Europe finally begin? Going by a lively forum thread on the Tesla Motors Club forum, around late-September. Quite a number of comments in the thread — from those with confirmed reservations dating from the beginning of March to mid-April — stated that delivery specialists were placing […]

July 31st

Interactive Infographic Of The Tesla Model S

An interesting new interactive infographic detailing the Tesla Model S was recently brought to my attention, and seems very much worth sharing here. The interactive infographic was created by “Romtim” on the Tesla Motors Club forum, so if you end up enjoying it, make sure that you head over and express your thanks…. Here’s the […]

July 30th

Tesla Model X Reportedly Rolls Over In Possible Autopilot Accident, NHTSA Launches New Investigation

News of the fatal Autopilot accident that occurred a few months ago in Florida is still fresh on the minds of those who follow Tesla, no doubt, with much contemplation of the matter and the technology itself occurring. It appears that we now have more to think about… as a new accident involving a Tesla Model […]

July 8th

US Electric Car Sales Up 2.1% In June

US electric car sales rose slightly (2.1%) in June 2016 compared to June 2015, but were up 8.5% for the year through June. That said, fully electric cars were down 35% in June, and 11% for the year through June (while plug-in hybrids were up 68% and 45.7%, respectively). There are a variety of factors that […]

July 6th

5 Reasons The Tesla Model X Could Disrupt The Heck Out Of The SUV Market

Via CleanTechnica. I’ve been planning to write this article for several months. It seems like a perfect time to do so with the following image recently shared on a Chinese Tesla Model X forum, and then the TMC forum, with the title, “Bio-Defense mode cuts PM2.5 pollutants about 100 fold in Beijing Smog!” Think for a […]

July 4th

1st Tesla Model X Deliveries In Europe Landed In Denmark

Tesla’s first Model X deliveries to Denmark (3 Founders’ models, and 2 Signature models) were officially made at a rather nice looking Tesla-hosted event in the Northern European country, going by recent reports. A commenter by the name of “SQLCPH” on the Tesla Motors Club forum was nice enough to post some pictures and information […]

June 30th

Electric Vehicle Sales In Germany During May 2016

How are electric vehicle sales in Germany going? Sales during May 2016 were apparently the worst in 15 months — with an 18% year-on-year decrease (as compared to May 2015) being observed. The electric share of the country’s total auto market for the month fell to just 0.64%, according to the EV Sales blog. Altogether, […]

June 28th