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US Electric Vehicle Sales Update (September EV Sales)

Above are four charts you can toggle between. You can see that Tesla Model S (and Fiat 500e) sales are absent. Unfortunately, Tesla and Fiat don’t report their month sales. With Tesla now delivering vehicles to Europe, China, and Japan, and only reporting total sales each quarter, it is really too much of a guessing […]

October 5th

Nissan LEAF Lands Largest Sales Month Ever (EV Sales Report)

The Nissan LEAF has been crushing it this year in sales. It is far-and-away the leader in electric car sales for the year to date, sitting at 16,853 compared to the Chevy Volt’s 11,598 and the Toyota Prius Plug-in’s 9,748. August marked a record month for the Nissan LEAF. With 3,186 cars sold, it enjoyed […]

September 5th

Nissan Leaf & Ford Continue Their Strong Year (July US Sales Update)

July was a momentous month for Mercedes and me. Mercedes saw the US birth of its first electric vehicle, the Mercedes B Class Electric, and my little girl was born. With this being a monthly electric vehicle sales update, there’s not much more to say about either one here. The Mercedes B Class Electric just […]

August 5th

Nissan Leaf Stays On Top, Ford Fusion Energi Close Behind (US June EV Sales)

Once upon a time, the US electrified vehicle (EV) sales rivalry was between the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt. Now, it seems the Ford Fusion Energi has taken the Volt’s place, but the Nissan Leaf is still clearly on top. Of course, it’s not really clear with the Volt or the Tesla Model S how […]

July 3rd

Cadillac ELR Test Drive Reviews

A couple of GM plug-in car enthusiasts over on GM-Volt have test driven the Cadillac ELR (a plug-in hybrid electric car that comes with a lot of luxury and a hefty price tag). Kindly (and I’m sure enthusiastically), they have shared their own reviews of the Cadillac ELR over on the GM-Volt forum. I’m reposting […]

January 14th

13 New Electric Vehicles For Sale In 2014

Unfortunately, playing catch-up over the holidays kicked an article idea out of my head. Fortunately, an article on GM-Volt kicked it back in. Jeff Cobb of GM-Volt went ahead and published “9 new plug-in cars to look forward to in 2014” last week. I’m more or less “copying” his list, but I will change things […]

January 4th

Cadillac ELR, Based Off Chevy Volt, To Roll Out In 2013

GM is developing a Cadillac version of the Chevy Volt, and word is that it will hit the market in late 2013. “Much has been written about the Cadillac ELR, formerly known as the Cadillac Converj concept. It is known that the Chevy Volt Voltec drivetrain will serve as a basis for the Cadillac ELR, but […]

October 18th