French EV Sales Numbers For September 2015

The figures for electric vehicle registrations (a proxy for sales) in France during the month of September 2015 are now in. They don’t really provide any surprises, but they’re probably worth taking a look at anyways. Altogether, 2,709 […]

Volkswagen To Focus More On EVs + PHEVs & Slash Overall Spending, Following On Diesel Scandal

With the blowback from the Volkswagen diesel scandal still ongoing, the company has apparently decided to greatly cut capital investments, as well as to invest more into electric vehicles, according to recent reports. To be more […]

Lux Research: Volkswagen “In A Strong Position To Innovate Their Way Out Of This Mess”

Despite the legal (and public perception) issues, Volkswagen could well be in a “strong position to innovate their way out of this mess,” according to the research firm Lux Research. This possible outcome, according to the […]

Volkswagen E-Golf Crushing Competition In Norway

I’ve finally got what seems to be official and complete data on electric car registrations in Norway. Woohoo! (In case you haven’t been following along for years, public data on electric car sales/registrations are not available for all models […]

Volkswagen Tiguan Plug-In Hybrid SUV Unveiled At Frankfurt Motor Show

Probably the biggest unveiling from Volkswagen Group at the Frankfurt Motor Show was the Audi E-Tron Quattro, but the Volkswagen Tiguan GTE is another big new plug-in concept car from the German giant that is also worthy of a full […]

Audi A3 e-tron & VW Golf GTE (Same Car) Lead Germany Electric Car Sales

It’s no surprise to see that German car companies continue to top the electric car sales table in Germany, but after test driving the Audi A3 e-tron myself, I have to admit that I’m surprised to […]

Volkswagen Chooses LG For Battery Future

The initial 44 suppliers set to work with Volkswagen on the FAST initiative have been announced. Interestingly, Volkswagen has chosen to go with LG Electronics as its supplier of high-voltage batteries. For those of you who are unaware […]

Europe Electric Car Sales — Zoe #1, Model S #2, Outlander PHEV #3 In June

Europe electric car sales are in for the month of June from Jose Pontes*. It’s a really interesting market. More interesting than North America, China, or any other, imho. Individual country markets in Europe are getting […]

Top 25 Electric Cars In Europe (May Registrations Roundup)

I love looking at the Dutch, French, German, and Norwegian electric car sales data, but looking at the bigger European picture is where the real fun is. Throwing everything together from the different countries, it’s hard […]

Volkswagen e-Golf Is Ecstatic In Norway, Clear #1

After covering France (#2), Netherlands (#3), and Germany (#4) electric car sales, it’s time to cover the big dog — the #1 electric car market in Europe. Norway, here we come! It’s a very different story […]