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The Chevy Bolt Name Is Here To Stay

After GM pulled back the curtain on the Chevy Bolt, its 200-mile electric car concept, one of the first questions a suit asked me was “What do you think of the name?” I shrugged if I’m being honest. It’s better than the meaningless alpha-numeric nomenclature plaguing many luxury car brands, but it doesn’t have the […]

April 23rd

Cleantech Talk #3: Electric Aston Martin, Tesla Superchargers, Ford vs Chevy Bolt

Also published on Planetsave, GAS2, and CleanTechnica. Chris DeMorro and I jumped into our third Cleantech Talk podcast just a couple of hours ago. I think we really hit our stride with this one. It was a lot of fun, and felt like a really long tennis or ping pong rally this time… as I […]

March 4th

Rumor: Ford To Bring Chevy Bolt Competitor, Unveiling This Year

I often include Ford in my grouping of top 5 companies most serious about bringing electric cars to market. It sits at a questionable #5 behind Tesla, Nissan, BMW, and GM simply because it offers its Energi models to a wider portion of the population than most other electric car manufacturers, and priced them competitively enough that it ends […]

March 4th

“Cleantech Talk” Podcast #1: Apple Electric Cars, Tesla Model X Spy Pics, Formula E, & Chevy Bolt

Also published on CleanTechnica & Gas2. Chris DeMorro and I have just launched a new podcast series, “Cleantech Talk.” We’ll surely get into other topics down the road, but for this first one, it was all about electric vehicles. We discussed 4 big stories from the past week, which I’ll write a bit about in below, but if […]

February 18th

GM: We Will Seriously, Definitely Produce The Chevy Bolt

General Motors (GM) must have gotten a pretty stellar response to the Chevy Bolt concept electric car that it unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show last month (heck, the Bolt even got the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune to interview me). Quickly after testing the waters, GM has just announced that it is serious about producing the […]

February 12th

My Responses To The Chicago Tribune

The 2016 Chevy Volt & Chevy Bolt news has woken up conventional media a bit. As one sign of that, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune (a member of the editorial board, actually) recently reached out to me to ask me a bunch of questions about electric vehicles. Naturally, I had a lot to say. As […]

February 9th

Chevy Bolt Now Scheduled For October 2016

The much-anticipated 2017 Chevy Bolt will enter into production just 20 months from now, in October 2016, according to a pair of unnamed supplier sources. According to the sources, the +200-miles-per-charge electric vehicle (EV) will go into production at the “underused” GM production plant in Orion Township in Michigan. The sources also noted that the […]

February 8th