Spirra Korean Supercar Gets A Dutch Electric Drivetrain −

Spirra Korean Supercar Gets A Dutch Electric Drivetrain


The world of high-end automobiles has been quick to embrace the torque and exclusivity of electric cars, and not even sensible South Korea is immune. The Korean-built Spirra supercar is ditching its 600 HP turbocharged Hyundai V6 in favor of  a Dutch electric drivetrain instead.

The Spirra debuted back in 2008, and starts at $74,000 as a basic, naturally-aspirated wannabe supercar. The deeper your pockets go though, the more power you can have, all the way up to 600 ponies delivering drivers a 200 MPH top speed. But that’s in South Korea, where the Spirra was originally conceived by Proto Motors, before being bought by Oullim. Now there’s a new version, the Spirra EV, which is planning a debut at next year’s Geneva Auto Show according to Green Car Reports.

Details are few and far between, with an all-wheel drive electric drivetrain of Dutch origin, and a starting price of about 200,000 euro, or about $270,000. That’s a hefty price for what amounts to an uninspiring Ferrari knockoff, though the zero emissions drivetrain gives it a greener appeal than other supercar offerings. With 500 horsepower and a low center of gravity, the Spirra EV could be chock full of driving potential…or it could end up as just another also-ran.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for this one come the 2015 Geneva Auto Show


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