SAP To Convert 20% Of Its Company Car Fleet To EVs −

SAP To Convert 20% Of Its Company Car Fleet To EVs


One of the perks of working for a big multi-national corporation is access to a fleet of company cars to get you to and from work in style. Larger companies can operate huge fleets of company cars, like German software giant SAP.

This week SAP announced that by 2020, it will have converted 20% of its company car fleet to electric vehicles. It is also pledging to install more charging stations, and to power those charging stations using renewable resources. That’s quite the commitment.

Of course it shouldn’t be too difficult to do considering Germany has been shattering records for green power generation regularly. Nor will company car drivers have to sacrifice anything in the way of luxury, as both the BMW i3 and Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive are German-made luxury vehicles ready for regular commutes.

In which brand SAP decides to invest, it didn’t mention, though with 22,000 company cars in its fleet, whatever EV it chooses, SAP will take a big bite out of its annual carbon emissions.


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