POD Point Will Lease EV Charging Stations To Businesses −

POD Point Will Lease EV Charging Stations To Businesses

pod-point-chargerBusinesses with an eye towards sustainability are working to offer more EV charging stations to their employees and customers, and the UK’s POD Point is making it easier. In what Business Green reports to be an industry first, POD Point is offering a three-year lease on its fast-charging EV stations to interested businesses.

These charging stations (which include Europe’s Value Added Tax, or VAT) often cost upwards of £1,000, or $1,700 each to install, but POD Point will begin leasing these stations for three years at a cost of just £50, or about $85 a month. Companies will then be able to charge for the refilling service, with POD Point estimating it would take just two charges a day to cover the monthly costs. With enough chargers and customers, this could become another revenue stream for companies looking to expand their portfolios.

Of course by now some of you have probably crunched the numbers and figured out that this lease scheme actually costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,000 once the lease is through, though no word on if that includes energy costs as well.

Is this leasing scheme a good idea for businesses wanting to test the waters of EV charging? Do you think EV chargers bring customers to one store over another? Tell us your experiences in the comments below.



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