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Published on June 4th, 2015 | by Christopher DeMorro


Oslo, Capital of the Electric Vehicle World

The country of Norway has a plan for the future, and a big part of that plan are electric vehicles. Through a variety of incentives, Norway has managed to put nearly 50,000 electric vehicles on roads in very short order, with EVs and other plug-in cars making up a huge percentage of new car sales. This brief video explains those incentives, and how it has kickstarted Norway’s green revolution, especially around the Capital of Oslo.

Thanks to an abundance of hydroelectric power, Norway is one of the few countries in the world powered entirely by clean, sustainable energy. Yet it is also a major oil producer, and most people still rely on petrol or diesel cars to get around. Still, the government has imposed onerous taxes on the purchase of cars based on engine size, as well as the price of fuel, both of which buyers of electric vehicles are exempt from. That results in tens of thousands of dollars of savings, right up front.

Then there’s incentives of convenience, like access to bus lanes, free parking, free ferry and toll bridge access, as well ample no-cost charging stations. This has compelled several industrious people to launch all-electric taxi services, and while there’s already talk of reining in some of the incentives, most officials and taxpayers seem pleased with how well the plan has worked out.

While there may be more plug-in cars on California’s roads, Norway has made owning electric cars easier and cheaper than anyplace else on the planet. Maybe the Golden State should consult with Norway about how to get more people into plug-in cars.


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  • Harold Thiers

    The reason Norway can afford to forgo revenue from gasoline tax and tolls and parking etc is because it is an extremely rich state. Their oil revenues are invested in one of the largest funds in the world and that makes every Norwegian a millionaire.
    The cost to build the infrastructure doesn’t come off the tax payers back but is funded by oil revenue. Smart country… Spend your oil revenue on building infrastructure that is completely renewable for when the oil runs out. As a country they look generations ahead compared to our politicians, in the USA, that look only to get re-elected in 2-4 years. The USA can’t fund such commitments because it’s near sighted and it isn’t as rich in oil to pay for all these benefits. Norway is pretty unique in the combination of renewables and hydro electric to be able to play that game.

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