Orange EV Terminal Trucks Now Approved For On-Road Use −

Orange EV Terminal Trucks Now Approved For On-Road Use


A world where electric big rigs haul cargo to-and-fro may seem like a distant utopian dream, but the world has already taken the first steps towards making it a reality. Orange EV has just launched a line of converted diesel terminal trucks that qualify for on-road use, and up to a $150,000 incentive through the city of Chicago, reports Green Car Congress.

By taking old, outdated diesel terminal trucks and converting them into electric vehicles, Orange EV is giving a second life to trucks that would have otherwise headed to the scrap heap. Ditching the diesel drivetrains for electric can eliminate some 832 tons of CO2 over the ten-year lifespan of the vehicle, and being capable of on-road travel is an important distinction that allows for much greater versatility.

Though these terminal trucks rarely travel outside a designated operating area, they sometimes need to move between different facilities that requires the use of public roads. Though Orange doesn’t offer an actual range estimate, it does say its electric truck can operate for up to 20 hours per workday, with a GCWR rating of 81,000 pounds and a top speed of about 20 MPH. Furthermore, through the Drive Clean Chicago program, buyers could get up to $150,000 towards the purchase of an Orange EV terminal truck.

Sure, it’s no Tesla P85D, but the Orange EV terminal truck is a workhorse of the docks and factories, and its use would help workers in these oft-sooty environments breathe just a little bit easier.


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