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Published on September 3rd, 2015 | by Zach


Oprah Buys A Tesla Model S

It’s getting real now (as they say) — Oprah just bought a Tesla freakin’ Model S. Yep, the media godmother of the United States, and one of the most influential people in the world, just joined the Tesla mamba train.

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised she didn’t go for the Model X, but I admittedly don’t know her that well… and maybe she’s planning an X down the line. 😀

Oprah shared on instagram and tweeted pics of her new ride and test drive with “dealer Dan” on Sept 2. Here’s the tweet:

Elon was apparently quite happy with the free advertising and retweeted that (which is how I actually found out about it). And whoever runs the Tesla Motors instagram account didn’t delay jumping on the fun:

Welcome to the family #repost @oprah Test driving my new Tesla with dealer Dan. Love it!! #Tesla #cars

A post shared by Tesla (@teslamotors) on

Dealer Dan looks happier than Oprah, so I guess the Oprah effect is still stronger than the Tesla effect… I know, I’ve gone off the deep end now.

Of course, Oprah is definitely not the first celebrity to go get a wonderful Tesla (aka the best car on the planet). As shared before, other celebrity Tesla owners include:

Ben Affleck; Actor, Director and Screenwriter, known for such features like Goodwill Hunting, The Town, and legendary J.Lo bomb Gilli.

Anthony Bourdain; Chef, Author, and TV Personality. You know him from his old TV show No Reservations and his new CNN show Parts Unknown.

James Cameron; Legendary Director, Screenwriter, Deep Sea Explorer. This is the man that brought you Avatar, Titanic, The Terminator and Terminator II, and my personal favorite Aliens. It makes sense for a sci-fi movie director to rock a Model S, doesn’t it?

Don Cheadle; Actor. You know him from Iron Man II and III, Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, and thirteen, and excellent Showtime series House of Lies.

Darren Criss; Singer Song Writer, Actor. You know him from Glee and a Very Potter Musical.

Cameron Diaz; Actress. You know her from There’s Something About Mary, Charlie’s Angles I and II, some questionable romantic comedies, and Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York.

Jon Favreau; Actor, Director. You know him from Iron Man I and II, Swingers, and Elf. (Jon is also buddies with Elon Musk, and reportedly modeled the Tony Stark character off of him.)

Morgan Freeman; Actor and Director. You know him as the voice of God and narrator of many films, Shawshank Redemption, Million Dollar Baby, and Driving Miss Daisy.

Jennifer Garner; Actress. You know her as the wife of fellow Tesla driver Ben Affleck and some movies that were not that great like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

Alyson Hannigan; Actress. You know here from TV on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, How I Met Your Mother, and from the American Pie movies.

Dennis Haysbert; Actor. You know him as the guy from the Allstate advertisements, which obviously cover electric cars, and TV series 24.

James Hetfield; Songwriters and Lead Singer of Metallica

Anthony Kiedas; Songwriter and Lead Singer for The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Jay Leno; You know who Leno is and of course he has a Tesla! A Roadster though, not a Model S.

Dominic Monaghan; Actor. You know his from the Lord of The Rings Trilogy and Lost.

Demi Moore; Actress. You know here Striptease, A Few Good Men, and 80’s classic St. Elmo’s Fire, and from the tearjerker Ghost. She was also married to Bruce Willis for ~13 years and Ashton Kutcher for ~8 years.

Ray Parker Jr.; Legendary guitarist and songwriter – he wrote and performed the theme song to Ghostbuster!

Kevin Pollak; Actor and Comedian. You know him as “oh it’s that guy” from movies like Casino, The Usual Suspects, Hostage, The Whole Nine Yards, and A Few Good Men. His standup is awesome too!

Mark Ruffalo; Actor. You know his as the Hulk from the Avengers, Zodiac, The Kids Are All Right, and Shutter Island.

Jay-Z; Rapper and Producer. He was Instagramed with a “murdered out” black-on-black Tesla Model S by his wife, Beyonce, earlier this year.

Will Smith; Actor and musician. Big Willy Style!

Steven Spielberg; Director. ET, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Close Encounters, The Indian a Jones films, Saving Private Ryan, Schneider’s List, need I go on?

Steve Wozniak; Inventor and the other half of Apple, is an unabashed Tesla fan as well who has posed with the Tesla Model X.

And last but not least, Adam Sandler (Big Daddy, The Water Boy) gave his costars of Grown Ups Maseratis after the shoot – nice bonus and very generous, though he gave co-star Rob Schneider a Tesla Roadster instead, because Rob likes EVs apparently.


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  • brunurb

    must be nice to be a millionaire, wish i could afford the Model S… impatiently waiting for the model 3 in a few years.

    • Dragon

      Chevy Bolt with 200 mile range for somewhere in the $30k range could be here as early as next year. Leaf with 110 mile range is speculated to launch in the next couple weeks for a guesstimated $32k.

      Yeah, Teslas hold their resale value and their battery capacity much better, have better features, etc, but I’m strongly considering leasing a Leaf until the Bolt or Tesla 3 are ready.

      • Jenny Sommer

        Am I the only one buying used cars?

        • Dragon

          It’s a great time for used EVs as well. There are many 2011-2012 Leafs in socal for under $10k and 2013 Leafs for under $13k. But leasing a new 2015 Leaf is often $199 with $0 down and that’s pretty hard to beat as well when Tesla 3 and Bolt should be here within 2 years. I’m only doing the lease thing because 2015 Leaf adds 25% to range which turns out to be critical for most of the longer trips we do.

    • Oprah is a billionaire. 😀

  • bigslick

    Why didn’t Steven Colbert make the celebrity list? He has a model S and has booked Elon Musk as one of his first guests.

    • The list is from a long time back, copied & pasted. We should do an update.

  • Eric

    A Tesla is a millionaire’s toy, plain and simple. Us thousandaires can’t afford to spend such a hefty sum on transportation.

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