Oerlikon Graziano Grows EV Transmission Offerings −

Oerlikon Graziano Grows EV Transmission Offerings


While automakers are investing heavily into electric vehicle batteries and motors, relatively little attention is being paid to another necessary component; the transmission. Italy’s Oerlikon Graziano is coming to the VDI Wissenforum in Germany with several new EV and hybrid transmissions the offer different solutions to various mobility problems.

Among the new transmissions the engineering firm has been working on is the 2SED, a seamless two-speed that can be coupled to a transversal electric motor at either the front or rear wheels. The multispeed 4SED meanwhile is designed to be lightweight and compact so it can work in a variety of vehicle scenarios.

Other transmissions from Oerlikon Graziano include a 2 Speed Automated Manual designed for all-wheel drive vehicles, which when used in pairs gives the EV a synchronized all-wheel drive system. There’s also several hybrid supercar transmissions the company hopes to sell, which combine aspects of the 2AMT with that of a traditional dual-clutch transmission, allowing it to shift smoothly and hold formidable amounts of power.

What automakers will dip into OG’s new parts pool?


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