“I now realize how much I miss my volt now” −

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Published on June 3rd, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


“I now realize how much I miss my volt now”


Sometimes you don’t realize what you have until its gone, as one Chevy Volt owner recently found out. After his car was whacked and sent to a repair shop for a month, one Volt owner took to the GM-Volt.com forums to remind fellow owners of just how good they’ve got it.

Commentator “markie” was rear-ended in his Chevy Volt a month ago, and his plug-in hybrid required over $8,000 in repair costs, as well as a month in the shop. Since then, he’s been forced to drive around a conventional rental car, which caused him to reflect on just how much better the Volt really is.

Since then, I have spent over $200 dollars in gas, wasted time at the gas station, and had to live with a ICE Car (What is this constant jerking motion as its changing gears?).

There are so many EV and hybrid detractors out there that don’t fully understand all the benefits of this new kind of car technology. But now there’s a whole generation of drivers getting used to the idea of this superior form of mobility, and being forced to contend with a conventional car as a rental can really put things back in perspective.

All some people need is a little time behind the wheel of a car like the Volt to see that it really is a better way to drive.

Source: GM-Volt.com



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