Norway Gets Tesla Taxi Service −

Norway Gets Tesla Taxi Service

tesla-taxi-1For some jobs, electric vehicles make a lot of sense. Take for instance the job of a city taxi driver who rarely goes more than 150 miles a day. A car like the Tesla Model S makes a lot of sense as a taxi in a city like Oslo, Norway, where this green example was spotted by a Green Car Reports reader.

You’ll no doubt recall that Norway is an electric car hotbed, with now fully 1% of the nation’s automobiles running on pure electricity. More than that, the Tesla Model S has become Norway’s best selling car, month after month, so it makes sense that at least a few of these were pushed into livery service.

Besides benefitting from a host of tax benefits that make owning an EV like the Tesla a lot more affordable than many comparable cars, EVs also benefit from access to bus lanes, free ferry rides, and other perks that make running a Tesla taxi company a no brainer. That’s why there’s at least a few EV livery services running around the Scandinavian country, and here in America the idea has its merits as well, even if it doesn’t have as many tax or social incentives.


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  • EVcine

    Should have the TESLA…CYCLONE wheels for Norway or anywhere for that matter but especially for Norway CYCLONES are better.